Technology. Experience. Quality.

Topkapi Iplik, a history of a half a century, is located in Hadımkoy-İstanbul, one of the leading world metropolises and it is established on a land surrounded by more than 17.000 trees.

Topkapi Iplik, with its state-of-art machinery park and a quality controlled knitting mill, its advanced laboratory and on-line process control systems

Topkapi appreciates loyal employees with long years of service who implement the company’s quality goals on a daily basis, thanks to its working conditions and respect for human dignity.

Topkapi Iplik AŞ does not only produce yarn but also stable quality for its customers.

First-class and the highest quality production of yarn dyeing ready

Human and environmental focus
structure of social organizations

Proven world-class production and quality management system

Half a century of experience and modern technology in yarn production