Half a century-old history of the Topkapi İplik

Topkapi Iplik, a history of a half a century, is located in Hadımkoy-İstanbul, one of the leading world metropolises and it is established on a land surrounded by more than 17.000 trees. Topkapi Iplik, with its state-of-art machinery park and a quality controlled knitting mill, its advanced laboratory and on-line process control systems, its highly qualified personnel who have become a part of the firm’s integrity as a result of having worked for many years, Topkapi Iplik AŞ does not only produce yarn but also stable quality for its customers.

Topkapi appreciates loyal employees with long years of service who implement the company’s quality goals on a daily basis, thanks to its working conditions and respect for human dignity, Topkapi was the first spinning mill not only in Turkey but in Europe to receive SA 8000 certification for social responsibility and accountability.

We produce the highest quality yarns

Our factory produces quality yarns ready to paint since 1972. Topkapi was the first spinning mill which works people and environment oriented in Europe to receive SA 8000 certification for social responsibility and accountability.

Our Firm Values and Integrated Management Systems

The Board and Employees of Topkapi Iplik make principle for the continuity and improvements of below mentioned actions.

  1. To obtain satisfaction of Clients
  2. To suit with National and International Management standards and related legislations such issues on Product Quality, Environment Management, Occupational Health and Safety, Social Responsibility.
  3. To obtain thrifty usage of Natural Resources to save them and reduce the environmental pollution.
  4. To keep the operations under the control this may effect the environment negatively.
  5. To minimize all the damaging effects which may have negatively effect on environment.
  6. To obtain the risk managements effectively for cases like injury, work based illnesses and cases for the other risk groups and to plan the required precautions and to put them into practice.
  7. To follow the latest technology on Product Quality, Environment Protection, Occupational Health and Safety issues and to obtain constantly improvements.
  8. To follow constantly the performance of company related with Quality, Environment and Occupational Safety, and than to review the aims of the company accordingly and to take required actions for the improvements.