We live in an epoch that economic features shape all social, cultural and political upper and down structure. When economical grown and industry age presents today’s evolution and prosperity levels to humankind, two very important challenges committed to the postmodern age: environmental pollution and individual based social problems.

Arnold Toynbee identifies civilization as “the collection of the answers given by human to the challenge of nature”. It will define the further direction of our civilization how will be the reply of human in general and businesses in special to the both two important challenges. Furthermore, each company as a member of economic world through producing utmost values, their performance paid for the minimum damages to the human and environment, will define the value of the company in the near future.

Especially individuals and thus consumers in enhanced industrial communities, through the civil society and media are well educated and are getting susceptible for environmental and especially for humanity/social issues and thus started to request from producers environment friendly products produced by not exploiting labor. It will have a special importance to be at the top levels for the marketing strategies of each company through differentiating in environmental and social points in the global market conditions how is having widely flexibility on the product prices.

We as Topkapi Iplik, were aware of the considerations on these points through the business with our international clients and such organizations UN and EC who are directing to these points and then decided to concrete our company belongings on them. We make a decision for us which called as “Clean Textile Products” and beginning from the raw materials we used in our production, right owned by employees, working conditions and environmental effects for all process in the production were considered to make a clean product by giving assurance to our clients, our applications were certified with the global standards.

Topkapi Iplik has been doing his business as an enterprising company that aware of his social responsibilities since the establishment. Since the beginning of 1980, labor unions have been activating in our factory and rights of our employees are bargained collectively. As our environmental responsibility, our factory area surrounded with around 17.000 trees. In two schools established in Malatya city more than 7000 students have been getting their education for more than 20 years. Our approach to the employees and responsibility to human as our company philosophy were proudly certified with SA8000 Social Accountability Certificate as the first textile spinning factory in both Turkey and Europe.

SA 8000 certificate is one of the most important international certificates that certify our social responsibility as a long term vision investment. As well known, global companies are always having pressure for environment and human issues by public opinion. It is not arise from civil unions only, also governments and international unions are taking big role on this pressure by their laws and legislations. This pressure is released as the worry for all of us how a planet will we leave for the next generation?

As part of SA 8000, to obtain be a participation of each employee, will result with more loyalty for them for their companies and also will directly affect the efficiency and successes of the company. Employees are the frontline warriors of the companies, and generally the problems and their solutions were realized firstly by them. To provide understanding of company philosophy and belongings by employees, will help us to manage and to grown our company. The benefits of SA 8000 for employees and administrators could be ranked as given below:

1- To establish a trust based relation between employees and management.
2- To create a model for employees to attend the decision process.
3- To contribute to be an individual and having a strong self confidence for the employees by educations on human and worker rights, environment and occupational safety.

ISO 14001 Environmental Management System was added to our integrated management system beginning of 2000 to manage the impacts of our company’s organizational activities on environment. Environmental sensitivity as one of belonging at our company culture, within the scope of Environmental Management System was integrated to our daily activities, long term development plans and our other quality management systems as one of international standard. All environmental risks at our company identified by the established commissions and working groups and then were started to follow within the defined criteria.

The affirmative impacts were seen in a very short time after the collection of other standards by Integrated Management System. It was realized a sharp decrease on such points that overtime works, environment accidents, occupational accidents, fire etc. Efficiency of our employees and thus efficiency in the production increased through individual awareness by planned internal education period. And also increased motivation on employees was obtained after the educations how each employee more appropriates his job. As part of Integrated Management System, our suppliers were also forced to apply with the requirement of social responsibility criteria. Our social responsibility requirement obtained in our factory, are also tried to integrate with also our suppliers to obtain enlargement of SA 8000 social responsibility in a wide area. Thus we tried to establish awareness of social responsibility in our supply chain and contribute to take an advantage to for the community.

We think that the advantages of SA 8000, OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001 and other standards should never disregarded for today’s role of Topkapi Iplik in the sector even though still can survive with our production in a capital city Istanbul with today’s hard competition.