Additional Applications For All Yarns

“S” (Converted) Twisted Yarn

Soft Winding on Perforated Dye Tubes (Press-NonPress types)

Com4Twin – Com4 Compact Siro Yarns

Com4Vario – Com4 Compact Slub

Hamel Double Ply Twisted Yarns

Hamel Double Ply Twisted Yarns with Elastane

Low Hairiness in Twisted Yarn

In twisting technology , Tritec is preferred instead of two-for-one. Although Tritec which was developed by Hamel and presented for commercial usage in 1993, has a high production capacity, it prevents the yarn to be hairiness in twisting process.

Topkapı İplik will meet the demand of twisted yarn of its existing and potential customers who use low hairiness yarns by two Hamel Tritec trio twisting machine with 180 spindles each.

High Productivity
The biggest advantage of Tritec twisting system is its high productivity. While Tritec Twister makes three rotation of twisting for each spindle circuit, the speed of a spindle that works mechanically is 10.000 rpm (but the productive speed reaches 30.000 rpm)

Due to the fact that Tritec twisting system works without open baloon, it has many advantages like less friction, low yarn tension, no dust and pale during twisting.

  • Tritec Twister doesn’t require yarn lubrication
  • Low cost
  • Saving of operation and maintenant time
  • Since it doesn’t require lubrication, dyestuffs don’t get dirty with the lubrication materials during dying and printing processes.

Maximum Flexibility
The production capacity is not affiliated with raw material and yarn number. Every yarn that is spinned from every type of fibers and in every number can be twisted. No adjustment is a must during transition from S twisting to Z twisting.

Application Field
The twisting field of TritecTwister includes all natural and man-made short staple fibers yarns in the range of Nm 10/2-200/2 and texturizing filament yarns in the range of 30/2 dtex-1000/2 dtex.

The Usage Field of Tritec Yarns
The main usage fields of Tritec yarns are every type of weaving and knitting fabrics, sewing yarn and technical doubled yarns.

Low Energy Consumption
Low energy consumption is possible thanks to high production that’s fulfilled with low spindle speed. Energy consuming doesn’t change contingent on spindle speed, yarn number and raw material.

Low Noise Level
Due to the fact that there’s no open balloon and low rotation speed of spindles and the design features of the machine, noise is in a minimum level. The fact that the parts of the machines are closed, reduces noise.