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%100 Cotton Carded Com4 Compact & Ring Spun

%100 Cotton Combed Com4 Compact & Ring Spun

“There are wild trees in India. Their fruit produces such a wool that it is grown as good and beautiful as the sheeps. The Indians make their clothes out of this tree’s wool” says famous historian Heredotes ( 484-425 B.C) in one of his books and he adds that yarns spun out of this wool are finer compared to that of sheep’s wool. Cotton was generally called ‘tree wool’ or ‘plant wool’ in those days.

Domesticated simultaneously in Peru and India some 5,500 years ago, cotton was a luxury fiber in ancient Rome, a canvas for the artistry of Indian cloth makers, and a prime motive for the colonization of the New World. Alexander the Great carried cotton cloth on his back from India to Europe.

Topkapı İplik transforms this unique gift of nature into yarn and fabrics with great care. Cotton is the most significant agricultural product used in industry, the means of existence for millions of families all around the world.

Topkapı İplik is experienced about the worldwide innovations in staple ring spinning technology because many new generation ring spinning machines have been tested firstly in our plant, perfected in accordance with those experiments and later introduced to the world markets.

Our main product is top quality yarn for the production of high-value textiles by concentrating on innovative and technological development. We are specialized on COM4® Compact, Twin and Vario Yarns and Vortex yarns which are extremely demanded on the world market.