Our Mission

Topkapi attains the importance of cotton’s progress, with all its historical background and importance for development as an industry, and other fibers desire to add value to its products in each production stage and transforming the actual process into a special value per se apart from the product value.

Being aware of the fact that our products has a particular impact on human life, we aim to create products that add value to life’s of our customers, that have them feel different and privileged and that maintain its value against consumption culture of this era. Our aim is to contribute for a livable world through our refining plants, organic cotton production thus, benefiting from the resources in a more rational way.

Our Vision

Topkapi recognize the importance of protecting and restoration of natural environment that ensure better life for the next generations. Topkapi guarantees to use the most-modern environmentally-friendly technologies and eco-friendly raw materials in compliance with international environmental practices. We aim to decrease greenhouse gases emissions with increasing the efficiency of non-renewable energy and to reduce energy and water consumption during the production process.

Topkapi aims to ensure a competitive edge in the market place with adding innovative products of a consistently high quality in response to market needs as well as to maintain close relationships with suppliers and to make sure quality and quick responsiveness of customer service.